SINROFREEZE company organization staff Wuzhen Hangzhou two day tour

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To enrich the staff's cultural life, edify sentiment, team cohesion, ease the work pressure of employees, so that employees enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature in the work, in the spring of March, the company all the staff of the organization to Hangzhou, two day tour of Wuzhen.


    The first stop of the trip is one of the famous Buddhist temple is a famous ancient temple in the South China Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou. A pedestrian worship of the hospital the statues under the leadership of the tour, the most impressive is the famous temple klippe, klippe has many natural caves, grottoes wall according to potential of the Buddha's long chisel, not research. Klippe Jiangnan ancient grotto art treasures rare, can be comparable with the Chongqing Dazu Rock carvings. Su Dongpo had & ldquo; Xi Shan Lu love are everywhere, klippe Ling Yin & rdquo; poem, people view after all praise.


     The itinerary was full, when we are still immersed in the beauty of West Lake to linger, and went to the southern town of Wuzhen. Here is the hometown of Mao Dun, a town south of the typical white walls and black tiles, bridges, far lane, go over the bridge. Enter the scenic spots in Wuzhen, the first thing is a covered bridge frame through the north and south two street, across the bridge, then enter the commercial atmosphere relatively strong east street, because it is much in early March to go sightseeing, we under the leadership of the tour, along East Street in Ranglaixiwang people visited one by one Xiangshan bed Museum, folk medicine hall hall, Hongyuan Thai Ranfang, after a long meeting, in Jiangnan, in Guanqian Street to visit the World Coin Museum, to the Academy, the former residence of Mao Dun, also looked at the shadow.


      Two day tour ended, the event is short and full, I believe that after such a relaxation, we will be more full of spirit into the work!

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