Nantong Sinrofreeze Organization staff skills identification test

Date:2016-8-8 Views:614

(2012.10.12) Sinrofreeze this morning, the company organized a staff of professional skills certification exam. The examination is divided into two parts: Theory and practice, the assessment project is divided into Turner, fitter, electrician, and other types of lifting.
During the exam, the reference staff to comply with the examination room discipline, a serious answer. The company administration office, manufacturing department, the district labor and Employment Management Office of the relevant person in charge of the whole process of supervision.


Through the examination of the workers can get the skill level certificate issued by the vocational skills certification department, at the same time, the company's personnel department will be based on the skills of each level to come up with relevant assessment incentives. The next step, the company will be for this examination to understand the knowledge of the staff of the blind spots and weaknesses to further training to promote the further improvement of the professional skills of all employees. This week's training program is scheduled to enter the schedule.

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