Contact Plate Freezer
Product introduction
Contact plate freezer can quickly freeze products by moving up and down the inside aluminum plates so that the products exchange heat with two plates.
Refrigeration system can be equipped as per different requirement of users. It can be used on land or on vessel.
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Main Features

♦ Designed to fit in limited space requirements. Easy for installing and moving.
Both sides stainless steel panels. Good insulation and easy for cleaning.
Hydraulic up and down system and aluminum alloy plates.
Refrigeration system can be equipped together to save investment.



Technical Specification 


Notes:  1.The freezing capacity is based on freezing fish. 10kg/tray. Tray size 590mm×390mm×70mm. Those models marked with ※ are 11kg/tray.Tray size:800mm×255mm×65mm.
            2.Refrigeration capacity is based on condensing temp. +35℃ and evaporating temp.-35℃.
            3.Freezing time is about 120~240min. It differs by different products.(Inlet temp.+15℃, outlet core temp. -18℃)

Structure Drawing

1.Cylinder holder       2. Lifting cylinder        3. Hydraulic pump        4.Liquid supply pipe       5. Suction pipe

6.Insulated cabinet       7.Control box        8. Plate tractor       9. Evaporating aluminum plate

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