Spiral freezer
Product introduction
Spiral freezer is a high efficient freezing system which can freeze large quantity of products in limited space. Freezing capacity is between 500kg/h to 6000kg/h.
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Main features:

1.Stainless steel insulated panel filled with PU foam, 120mm thickness. The insulated floor, 225mm thickness, is welded seamlessly. No leaking and sinking.
2.Conveyoer belt is made up with special high strength SUS304 spiral mesh. High frequency induction heater is used for rod header forming. Running smoother and lasting longer.
3.Aluminum alloy evaporator. Aluminum pipes and fins are densely assigned for good heat exchange.
4.SUS304 electric control box. It can be controlled by relay, PLC or touch screen.

5.Safety device: conveyor belt turn over inductor, belt induction regulator, emergency switch

Air circulation mode

select suitable air circulation as per different product requirement. Three typed of air circulation for your option.

Inlet and outlet directions

Select different inlet and outlet direction as per space and production needs.

Main parameters:

 1.The freezing capacity refers to fried chicken. Refrigeration capacity is based on condensing temperature +35℃ and evaporating temperature -42℃.
 2.The standard models listed above are for your reference. It will be designed as per specific request.

Main size

Structure drawing

1.Inlet frame        2.Stainless steel net belt         3.Electric control box        4.Axail fan         5.Evaporator     6.Protective structure         7.Drum          8.Outlet frame         9.Driving device         10.Cleaning device

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