Stainless Steel Belt Tunnel Freezer
Product introduction
Stainless steel belt tunnel freezer is suitable for freezing and processing high moisture-content, soft, and fluid food, such as meat, fish fillet, shrimp, scallop, etc… Freezing capacity is between 150kg/h to 1000kg/h.
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Main Features

♦ Simple structure, easy operation and long lasting.
♦ Stainless steel insulated panel filled with PU foam. All materials of inside spare parts are SUS304. Easy for cleaning and meet HACCP requirement.
♦ Adopt imported SS belt. Strong, smooth and even.
♦ The inlet frame is equipped with deicing device which avoid damaging the belt from ice.
♦ Single belt and double belt are available.
♦ Water defrosting is adopted. Ensure hygienic standard.
♦ Stepless speed adjustment by convertor. Freezing time can be adjusted.


 Application Field

It is widely used in freezing vegetables, fruits, seafood, poultry, pastry, diary foods or other products.


Technical Specification


Notes:1.The freezing capacity refers to scallop. Refrigeration capacity is based on condensing temp.+35℃ and evaporating temp. -42℃.
          2. The standard models listed above are for your reference. It will be designed as per specific request.



 Structure Drawing

 1.Inlet frame     2.Insulated panel     3.Outlet frame   7.Evaporator     5.Fan      6.SS supportor    7.Assiatant drive reducer 

 8.Main drive reducer        9.SS belt        10.Electric control box

Main Dimensions

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