Contact Plate Freezer(Refrigeration system included)
Product introduction
It is a contact plate freezer equipped with refrigeration system.
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Main Features

♦ Refrigeration system is built to a compartment beneath or beside the freezing cabinet. It’s ideal for small capacity freezing.
♦ Air cooling or water cooling compressors are optional.
♦ Doors opened on the front and rear which enable easy access. Easy installed and moved.
♦ Uniform blocks and even pressure between aluminum plates.
♦ Adopt high efficiency compressor, well-installed panels and hygeian extrusion plates.





Technical Specification

Notes:1.Freezing capacity is based on freezing fish. 10kg/tray. Tray size: 590mm×390mm×70mm. Those models
with ※ are 11kg/tray. Tray size: 800mm×255mm×65mm.
            2.Refrigeration capacity is based on condensing temp.+35℃ and evaporating temp. -35℃.
            3. Air blast type are those marked with ★. The rest are hydraulic type.
            4. Single stage, water cooling compressors are generally equipped. Please inform us if double stage
compressor or other cooling ways needed.
            5. Freezing time is about 120~240 min. It differs by different products.(Inlet temp.+15℃, outlet temp -18℃). 


Structure drawing

1.Control box panel        2.Lifting cylinder        3.Hydraulic pump         4.Cylinder holder         5.Plate tractor
6.Evaporating aluminum plate   7.Insulated cabinet       8.Compreesor protective mesh      9.Refrigeration system
10.Freezer holder

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