Our products are sold in Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, Russia and Europe etc.

All the equipment of our company is customized according to the actual production line and site conditions of the customer. Please communicate with our business personnel in detail, and they will provide you with the consulting services you need.

Please contact our sales staff to obtain.

We have the ability to provide CE certified products, but you need to clearly put forward specific needs to us, because the requirements differ for different countries and regions, and different quality standards of products lead to price differences, we hope you provide detailed information and special needs, so that we can better serve you.

The PLATE FREEZERS are for block freezing, that is, the frozen products stick in a whole block. SPIRAL FREEZER and TUNNEL FREEZER are for single freezing, the products are individually frozen, not bonded to each other, so that the appearance is more beautiful. The SPIRAL FREEZER can use the three-dimensional multi-layer space in a small space, less space is needed while TUNNEL FREEZER requires a larger site, but the operation is more stable.