Crust freezer

Crust freezer overview:
Hardening the surface of a product for easy further processing.
For some subsequent processes like slicing or decorating, it is necessary to harden the surface by crust-freezing.

Reasons for using the Crust freezer:
Applied to fresh meat products:
Improving food quality: by quickly freezing the surface of the product, a thin layer of ice is formed, which protects the food from damage or tearing during cutting, resulting in more uniform shapes and reducing water loss, thus reducing the risk of discoloration and extending shelf life.
Increasing cutting speed: the product processed by crust freezer can withstand higher cutting speeds, thereby accelerating the cutting process and reducing product damage.
Relieving production bottlenecks: for products that need to be sliced or diced in warm conditions, there's no need to wait for the product to cool in the cold storage.
Producing thinner slices: the hardened surface is advantageous in producing thinner slices.
Food safety and quality: since only the surface of food is quickly frozen, the remaining interior remains fresh. As a result, the product is classified as "cold fresh food" instead of "frozen food".
Applied in fast frozen food:
By using a Crust freezer to freeze the surface of the product before entering the quick freezer, so the adhesion between products is reduced, reducing damage to the surface of the product along the conveyor belt.
As a precooler for high-temperature treated foods before fast freezing:
Using the quick freeze machine to pre-cool the product significantly reduces the cooling consumption of a quick freezer, and reduces the condensation of water vapor inside the quick freezer, ultimately improving the process of food.