SRS Semi-Closed Two-Stage Inverter Screw Compressor

Origin From Sweden    
Founder and leader of global screw compressors
Inheriting 100 years of technical quality & energy efficiency
Focus on the screw for a hundred years    
More than 3 million screw compressors worldwide are licensed from SRM
Under the condition of large pressure ratio, the performance of single-machine two-stage screw compressor is better than that of single-stage screw compressor
  • Each stage of the refrigeration cycle has a small pressure ratio, less internal leakage, high volumetric efficiency, and a large cooling capacity;
  • High thermal insulation efficiency, motor power saving, and energy saving of the unit;
  • Intercooler is used for super cooling to increase the cooling capacity. Improve system COP;
  • The pressure ratio is small, the bearing of the rotor is small, and the service life is long.
Compared with the two-machine two-stage compression system, the single-machine two-stage compressor unit has the following advantages.
  • Compact structure, small footprint and easy operation;
  • Simple oil system;
  • The refrigeration cycle is generally two-stage compression, one-stage throttling is not complete in the middle, the cooling cycle, and the intercooler is small in size, which is convenient for the integrated installation of the unit;
  • Only one motor is needed, and the rated power is generally less than the sum of the rated power of the two motors in the system.
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