Fluidization freezer

Fluidization freezer freezes products by vibration and air pressure which make products float on the stainless steel belt and avoid sticking.
It is suitable for freezing vegetables, fruits, flake, granular products, etc. Freezing capacity is between 500kg/h~5000kg/h.
Main Features:
1.SS centrifugal fans ensure the air volume and air pressure.
2.Large area aluminum alloy evaporators, adjustable fin pitch, prolong defrosting time.
3.The inlet frame is equipped with washing and drying device.
4.Automatically control system. Stepless speed adjustment by inverters.
5.All inside spare parts are stainless steel materials and good for cleaning and maintaining.

1、Inlet Frame  
2、Insulation Panel  
4、Outlet Frame    
5、SS Centrifugal Fan   
6、Dry Fan   
7、Mesh Belt