Impingement SS Belt Tunnel Freezer

Impingement stainless steel belt tunnel freezer chills products by blowing cold air from nozzles on top of the belt to products on the stainless steel belt. The cold air is shot to the stainless steel belt by the nozzles under it. It cools down stainless steel belt which contact with products and brings away the heat of products. It is mainly used in freezing fruit slice, fruit dices, shrimp meat, meat and other diced, sliced and bulk foods.
Main Features:
1.High-speed air flow substantially shortens freezing time.
2.Uniform freezing. Loss of moisture is lower than with any other freezing method.
3.Products surface is flat. No deformation on appearance.
4.Space saving. Less installation space is needed.
5.Products’ tastes and quality can be highly maintained.

1、Inlet Frame    
2、Insulation Panel   
3、Outlet Frame   
4、Centrifugal Fan    
5、SS Supporter    
6、Assistant Drive Reducer     
7、Main Drive Reducer    
8、SS Belt
9、Electric Control Panel