Impingement Tunnel Freezer

Impingement mesh belt tunnel freezer chills products by blowing cold air from nozzles on top of the bet to products on the mesh belt. The fans with high pressure air boxes blow air through special made nozzles to products. The special blowing way with enough evaporating area ensures better heat exchange and freeze rapidly. It is mainly used in freezing fruits, seafood,meat and other diced and bulk foods.
Main Features:
1. Quickly freeze without generating large ice crystals, keep the quality of the food as much as possible, and thaw fresh as before.
2. The surface of the food quickly hardens and crusts, locks the internal moisture, and minimizes the dry consumption of frozen products.
3. The short freezing time not only maintains the freshness of the food, but also provides good freezing efficiency.
4. The freezing effect is close to liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen quick freezing, and the processing cost is significantly reduced.
5. Shortening the freezing time can reduce the overall device volume and make the equipment space requirements smaller.

1、Inlet Frame   
2、Insulation Panel   
4、Outlet Frame    
5、Centrifugal Fan    
6、Drive Reducer    
7、Air Deflector    
8、Electric Control Panel   
9、Inside Passage   
10、SS Mesh Belt