Mesh Belt Tunnel Freezer

Tunnel freezer is a simple structure, highly efficient freezing equipment. It can be divided into stainless steel belt tunnel freezer and mesh belt tunnel freezer.
Mesh belt tunnel freezer is effective in freezing seafood, poultry, vegetables, fruits, pastry, dairy products, etc. Freezing capacity is between 150kg/h and 1000kg/h.
Main Features:
1.Simple structure, easy operation and long lasting.
2.Stainless steel insulated panel filled with PU foam. All materials of inside spare parts are SUS304. Easy for cleaning and meet HACCP requirement.
3.Adopt imported SS mesh belt. Strong and smooth. 
4.Thermal wave blowing technology is adopted. Effective in freezing.
5.Single belt and double belt are available.
6.Water defrosting, which ensure hygienic standard.
7.Stepless speed adjustment by inverter. Freezing time can be adjustable.

1、Inlet Frame    
2、Insulation Panel    
5、Air Deflector     
6、Drive Reducer    
7、Inside Passage     
8、SS Supporter    
9、Outlet Frame    
10、Electric Control Panel    
11、SS Mesh Belt