Vertical Plate Freezer

Vertical plate freezer is used for fast freezing seafood, meat solids, high liquid content or water based solids, fruit juices and fruit pulps in bulk on land or at sea. 
Products are simply placed or poured into vertical pockets between aluminum freezing plates. After freezing, the blocks can be unloaded by defrosting and lifting the products. Within minutes the cycle can begin again.
Main Features:
1.Aluminum alloy extrusion plates. Hygiene and long lasting.
2.High strength galvanized frame.
3.Stainless steel oil cylinder and hoses. Long lasting.
4.Integral valve
5.Easy for cleaning and meet hygiene requirements.

1、Lifting Cylinder    
2、Clamping Cylinder  
5、Integral Valve  
6、Plate Tractor  
7、Evaporating Aluminum Plate  
8、Product Holder  
9、Liquid Supply Pipe  
10、Suction Pipe  
11、Metal Hose